Market Validation

The world knows it cannot afford another pandemic and will be investing heavily to prevent a future global economic crisis.


Areas of emerging technology to benefit immediately include:

  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Digital healthcare
  • Nanomedicines
  • Anti-microbial biocides
  • Electro-static clean air nanotechnology
  • Sustainable and ethical food production
  • Multiplex vaccine treatments
  • Smart infrastructure, Digital Twin technology
  • Millimetre wave technology for 5G
  • Improved point-of-care solutions
  • Auto immune response technology
  • Solutions to long-form COVID impacting healthcare

The above solutions are already being accelerated and will be a major focus for industry, healthcare and governments, as it is far more cost effective and sustainable to future proof ourselves against this and other pandemics.

These solutions will impact all industries and healthcare using nanoscale technologies that can transform our working environments as well as vastly improving point of care and sustainability. A recent report by KPMG and HFS Research found that now more than ever companies and governments need to make smart investments in emerging technologies if the global economy is to prevail in the medium to long-term. The research interviewed over 900 global executives and 65% of those respondents said we don’t have a choice, or we risk threatening our very existence.

Since the pandemic respondents in the research also said that backing the largest investments with the greatest long-term return were more likely to realise return on investment even in the short to medium-term.

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