ESG and SDG Principles

Our Charter

Financial returns matter, but so does the impact from our investments upon healthcare, longevity, society, diversity, inclusion, and the environment.


It’s no longer acceptable to invest in businesses for profit alone, when those with poor practices can have such a profoundly negative impact on the world around us. Quite simply, the decisions we take today define the future for us all.

It’s our core belief that ESG and United Nations SDG principles greatly enhance and improve both investment returns and real-world outcomes. With a growing number of investors wanting their money to do good we, as both investors and stewards of capital, need to take full responsibility for the change.

As an international RAIF fund, we know we must not only invest in a more sustainable future, but also use our influence to drive positive change.

Responsible investing is therefore at our core, informing everything we do from portfolio construction to engagement.

Sustainable Technology Investments

We aim to manage the risks associated with advanced healthcare technologies, longevity, sustainability, social and governance (ESG) factors, to transform the opportunities and create real impact using SDG principles.

Our smart sustainable investment capabilities are designed to align with our investors’ financial objectives and values, using our proprietary modelling to validate companies in our key investment verticals to target best in class sustainable technologies impacting health, diversity, inclusion, and the environment.

We will exclude certain groups or practices that do not meet with all the core principles of ESG investment.

We will focus on technology companies with positive ESG characteristics and always look for best in class candidates that fit our thematic focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our team have a strong history and great experience in this field along with a research process and data platform that manages and tracks the implications of ESG risk and opportunities for its investor community.

Our senior team have a unique  insight in relation to the original thinking behind the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and are totally committed to its legacy.

It is important for us to have regular contact with any technology company chosen for investment so that we continue to harness all the principles of ESG investment.

Ultimately, money has no value without our sustainable health and longevity, aligned to the environment, inclusion and biodiversity.

Our Commitment To ESG And SDG Principles

We are fully committed to creating a fairer, safer, and more sustainable world by promoting principles wholly aligned to environmental, social and corporate governance and the UN’s principles of sustainability.

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors are built on a set of metrics that affect the impact as well as performance of our technology investment portfolio, limited partners and eco system.

Examples of ESG factors

It’s our belief that ESG integration is essential to building stronger portfolios for our LPs and this has been evidenced by the long-term market performance and impact of using this approach.

Sustainable business practices are vital to keep pace with the changes needed to deliver positive environmental impact as well as health, longevity, diversity, and inclusion.

And they do deliver positive growth: the landmark 2015 Friede, Busch, and Bassen report, uniting the authors’ high-level experience in financial markets and sustainable development, showed that some 90% of the cases they examined showed a predominantly positives ESG–CFP (corporate financial performance) relationship.

Evaluating ESG integration

We have a proprietary model rating for strategic success aligned to ESG principles and the UN sustainability goals, and these are a fundamental part of our investment selection and monitoring process.

Each prospect company must demonstrate its ESG credentials to our investment advisors, our global advisory board and, finally, our investment committee and fund managers, along with its ability to commercialise its highly disruptive technology internationally.

For this, we use our unique ratings system and the following metrics to deliver success:

  • What makes the technology so essential?
  • How does the technology uniquely change its market?
  • How does your business model support ESG and SDG principles?
  • Demonstration and evidence showing this market is accessible
  • Analysis and comparison of the competitive landscape
  • Thorough research of the true market size potential and its growth curve
  • Validation of the strength of the intellectual property and the team delivering it
  • How does your technology improve diversity and inclusion?
  • Analysis of the commercial experience and market strategy
  • Technology validation
  • Technology road map evaluations
  • Understanding and validating international scaling
  • Identification of any key challenges and risk management analysis
  • Gap analysis and agreeing any areas of support required
  • Brand values and the marketing mission
  • Rating the company on its strategic ambition
  • Analysis and validation of the return on investment and timescales

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