Selection Process

What is the selection process for our Investment advisors?


Each prospect company must demonstrate to our investment advisors, our global advisory board and, finally, our investment committee and fund managers, its ability to commercialise its highly disruptive technology internationally. For this, we use our unique ratings system, using the following metrics for success:

  • What makes the technology so essential?
  • How does the technology uniquely change its market?
  • How does your business model support ESG and SDG principles?
  • Demonstration and evidence showing this market is accessible
  • Analysis and comparison of the competitive landscape
  • Thorough research of the true market size potential and its growth curve
  • Validation of the strength of the intellectual property and the team delivering it
  • How does your technology improve diversity and inclusion?
  • Analysis of the commercial experience and market strategy
  • Technology validation
  • Technology road map evaluations
  • Understanding and validating international scaling
  • Identification of any key challenges and risk management analysis
  • Gap analysis and agreeing any areas of support required
  • Brand values and the marketing mission
  • Rating the company on its strategic ambition
  • Analysis and validation of the return on investment and timescales

Our enabling technology investment advisors and global advisory board are international leaders in  these fields of expertise. This has been demonstrated via previous start ups that have gone on to become ‘unicorns’, as well as our team’s wider experience with large conglomerates in terms of advising and supporting them on strategy, scaling or commercialising disruptive innovations in international markets.

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