Enabling Technologies

Future Sub-Fund

The main objective of an Enabling Technologies Sub-Fund would be to invest in highly disruptive technologies that impact sustainability and longevity.

Enabling Technologies do not enhance an existing solution they completely transform a market. Examples of previously successful Enabling Technology companies would be Apple, SpaceX, First Solar, Google or Tesla. This sub-fund seeks to invest in companies that will transform markets such as energy, food production, water resources, pollution, connectivity and plastic waste

These transformational technologies come from nanotechnology, AI & machine learning, green energy, foodtech, cleantech and spacetech.

The investment criteria for the Enabling Technologies Sub-Fund would be:

  • Impact technologies that solve current and future challenges
  • Protection of health and our environments using enabling technologies
  • Future proofing and eradication of some of our global healthcare challenges
  • Health risk assessment, monitoring and analysis for contact and travel
  • Identifying international companies that operate in stable geographic locations
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