Pandemic Protection

Sub-Fund 1
Currently taking investments for first close $120m.  Final close $300m.

This Sub-Fund invests in highly advanced enabling technologies prioritising those that are highly effective in pandemic protection, but have everyday relevance to improving the environment and world health. Thereby, the value of the investments will not rely on future pandemic events, and will deliver value by providing everyday global healthcare solutions, in addition to pandemic protection.

Vector Innovation Fund (VIF)’s objective is to target USD$300M for venture-growth investments in Pandemic Protection and global healthcare companies primarily in Europe, UK and North America with significant Intellectual Property (IP) and with an ability to expand internationally.

Investment Criteria

The investment criteria for the Pandemic Protection Sub-Fund is:

  • Impact technologies that solve current and future challenges
  • Protection of health and our environments using enabling technologies
  • Future proofing and eradication of some of our global healthcare challenges
  • Health risk assessment, monitoring and analysis for contact and travel
  • Identifying international companies that operate in stable geographic locations

The Pandemic Protection Fund focuses on technologies that are close to, or have reached a commercial inflection point. These target companies will be either early stage or building towards international commercial success. They must have global ambitions and the ability to disrupt their market. Such disruption comes with risk but our enabling tech investment advisory team will only promote companies able to demonstrate absolute understanding ofthe market and how to penetrate it.

Successful companies will be developing the technology, intellectual property and world-class team it takes to succeed – they will be extraordinary technologies and teams able to transform their sectors.

Responsible, Sustainable, and Impactful Investment

The Vector Innovation Fund promotes responsible, sustainable, and impact investment, applying the highest standards of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030, set by the United Nations in 2015 (

This is reflected in our first sub-fund, for pandemic protection, which is aligned to all the principles of ESG investing along with sustainable development goals and in particular No3 in the UN’s SDG list – To ensure good health and wellbeing for all at all ages.

We will harness our investment community to always support ESG principles by identifying and prioritising advanced enabling technologies.  These will have real global impact in relation to preparation and preparedness for future pandemic threats, as well as standalone benefits to global healthcare and wellbeing.

Pandemics and other infectious diseases do not respect international boundaries, or economic and social standing, but this pandemic has focussed technological investment and development to demonstrate how it can better prepare, protect lives, and reduce hardship now and enhance future protection and healthcare. This is the only responsible path to take.

Pandemic Impact

COVID-19 affected world healthcare and prosperity far more than anyone imagined, and many sufferers may have legacy heart damage, blood clotting and immune response complications. It is becoming clear the pandemic will have medium to long-term health implications for significant numbers of patients, whether they had a severe infection or were asymptomatic.

‘COVID-19 Syndrome’ or ‘Long-Form COVID’ are terms being used to capture the multiple future health challenges resulting from the initial infection.

This pandemic is just one in a series, including SARs, Ebola and Zika, with more forecast to follow, while established international health challenges such as obesity and antibiotic resistance set to continue.

Fund Size
Expected targeted commitments totalling $300m
First close: $120m
Final close: $300m
Final close expected 19 months after first close
General Partners
Vector Innovation GP S.à.r.l.
Vector Innovation Fund (Pandemic Protection Sub-Fund 1) SCA SICAV RAIF Luxembourg SCA
Target Sectors
AI/Machine learning
Medical devices/diagnostics
Target Regions
EU, UK, North America
Target Stages
Venture, mid-to-high growth, and expansion stage
Key Value Add
Internationally disruptive innovation companies, ripe for commercialisation, acceleration and scale-up
Deal Ticket Size
Entry tickets $5m – $10m, up to $40m over the deal term
Limited Partners (LPs) co-invest/follow-on rights acceptable
circa. 10-12 diversified investments
Target Returns
4.0x MOIC, 25-30% Gross IRR
Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF), A société d’investissement à capital variable (SICAV)
Fund Duration
10 years +1 +1
2% on committed / invested capital
Carried Interest
20% subject to 8% hurdle
GP Commitment
Up to 2% of committed capital

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